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Jim O’Neill Says China Fears Are ‘Completely Overblown’

May 2017, Bloomberg

China’s economy shows no signs of crisis even as the country’s crackdown on financial leverage has wiped almost $500 billion from domestic markets.

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Why emerging markets have become an unlikely haven from global risk

April 2017, Bloomberg

If the U.S. Treasury market’s 2013 Taper Tantrum revealed the fragility of emerging markets, political turmoil this year is highlighting their resilience.

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Why China’s economic transition should continue to foster growth

April 2017, James Brown, Portfolio Manager

China is a unique economy, given both its scale and the fact that it is effectively centrally controlled by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and Central Standing Committee (CSC – led by President Xi Jinping). And while China has embraced a form of capitalism, commonly known as the ‘socialist market economy’, the CCP can exert enormous control if it wishes through its single party government. And this is what makes China so fascinating to watch.

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IPO Bonanza Shows There’s More Juice Left in Vietnam’s Stocks Rally

15 March 2017, Bloomberg

Rising foreign-direct investment, quickening economic growth and a privatization program that’s boosting the size of the market have offshore investors optimistic there’s more juice left in Vietnam’s stocks rally.

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Investors Are Betting Against Trump’s Trade War

14 March 2017, Bloomberg

The unpredictable novice in the White House is making emerging markets seem less dangerous by comparison, say strategists like Goldman Sachs Group Inc.’s Kamakshya Trivedi.

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Russia Is Running on More Than Just the Black Stuff

7 March 2017, Bloomberg

Russia has exited recession, with a little help from the boys in uniform, a major statistical revision – and the global oil price. And not just any recession, but its longest in two decades. So what happened?

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