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You should obtain and read a copy of the Notice of Meeting dated 28 May 2018 in full before deciding how to vote at the meeting and whether to continue to hold EMF units.
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About Emerging Markets Masters Fund

The Emerging Markets Masters Fund Limited (the Fund or EMF) was established in August 2012 as a multi-manager listed investment trust with the aim to provide Australian investors the opportunity to gain exposure to leading emerging and frontier markets equities funds. The Fund invests in specialist funds which invest primarily in listed stocks in emerging markets or securities of companies that derive the majority of their business from emerging markets. The Fund is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) under the ticker “EMF”.

The Fund aims to generate high real returns over time, primarily through capital growth, and within acceptable risk parameters.

Unlike a traditional investment vehicle, a multi-manager style investment unit trust invests not in securities traded on an exchange, but in managed investment schemes and other funds that in turn make the investment in underlying securities. The Fund does not have any direct holdings in emerging markets listed equities.

Through the Fund, Australian domiciled retail investors can gain access to a diversified portfolio of funds managed by leading emerging and frontier markets equities fund managers.

Key advantages of investing in Emerging Markets Masters Fund Limited include:

  • Access to leading emerging and frontier markets equity managers that may not have products available for Australian based retail investors to invest in;
  • Potential for lower entry costs, as Walsh & Company Asset Management Pty Limited, the Investment Manager of the Fund, may be able to negotiate fee discounts and rebates (including for any upfront entry costs);
  • Investors will be investing in an Australian unit trust listed on the ASX and accordingly, may only be exposed directly to the tax consequences of investing in an Australian unit trust; and
  • Access to a diversified portfolio that is actively managed by a dedicated Investment Manager whose principals have extensive contacts and experience in assessing emerging markets and emerging market equity fund managers.


Like all investments, an investment in the Fund carries risks which may result in the loss of income or principal invested. In addition to the general risks of investing, specific risks associated with investing in the Fund include, but are not limited to, emerging and frontier markets equity risk, sovereign risk and currency risk. For further information about the risks of investing in the product see Section 5 in the Product Disclosure Statement.





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