The Emerging Markets Masters Fund is now named Evans & Partners Global Flagship Fund.

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About the Emerging Markets Masters Fund

The Fund was launched in 2012 to provide investors with exposure to emerging markets, broadly comprising Africa, Central and Eastern Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, and Asia (excluding Japan). Among the key factors anticipated to contribute to the investment opportunities in these markets were a strong growth outlook, attractive valuations, and the prospects for economic and political reform in some of the major emerging economies. Pleasingly, strong performances from investments in the Fund’s portfolio contributed to the Fund achieving a total return of 67.3% since inception including reinvestment of distributions (as at 30 April 2018).

More recently, we have witnessed the pace of change in the global economy presenting significant opportunities, including in areas such as technology, healthcare, and consumer trends, among others. Many of the companies at the forefront of the progress and evolution of these sectors will be global leaders across emerging and developed markets.

In light of these developments, on the 28th of June 2018 the Responsible Entity broadened the investment mandate to all international markets regardless of their domicile, engaged with a new investment manager, and restructured the Fund to a direct investment trust. To reflect these changes to the investment mandate, the Fund was re-named Evans & Partners Global Flagship Fund. Please see the updated website here.





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