Services and Fees

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Investment management

Walsh & Company Asset Management Pty Limited is the Investment Manager of the Fund (Investment Manager).

The Investment Manager provides investment management services to the Fund, including assessing macro-economic and market conditions, performing regional and country analysis, sourcing, researching and recommending underlying funds for investment, implementing portfolio construction, and monitoring and managing portfolio risk of the Fund’s investments. The Investment Manager’s proprietary research platform provides the Fund with access to leading specialist active managers from around the world.

The Investment Manager conducts extensive due diligence in selecting investments for the Fund. For these services, the Investment Manager charges a fee of 1.0% of gross assets of the Fund per annum (exclusive of GST).

Responsible Entity

Walsh & Company Investments Limited is the Responsible Entity of the Fund.

The Responsible Entity’s duties include establishing the Fund’s compliance plan and procedures and monitoring against regulatory and legislative requirements, the issuance of disclosure documents, the appointment and monitoring of external service providers to the Fund and overall administration of the Fund.

For these services, the Responsible Entity currently charges a Responsible Entity fee of 0.088% per annum (inclusive of GST) of the gross assets of the Fund.

Administrative Services

Australian Fund Accounting Services Pty Limited (a related entity of the Investment Manager) provides administration and accounting services to the Fund. Time spent by staff is charged to the Fund at agreed rates under a Services Agreement.

Underlying Fund Manager Fees

Managers of underlying funds may charge fees associated with the performance of their management function. These underlying funds are generally not available to Australian retail investors. The fees may include entry fees, transaction fees, exit fees, ongoing management fees and performance fees. Where possible, the Investment Manager negotiates fee rebates and any rebates accrue to the benefit of all unitholders of the Fund.