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Why Jeremy Grantham is so bullish on emerging markets

February 2018,  Financial Review

Jeremy Grantham, the 79-year-old investor known for his bearish views, is so bullish on emerging-market stocks that he’s telling his own kids to invest more than half their retirement money in the asset class.

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The Fun Is Just Starting for Emerging-Market Stocks

January 2018,  Bloomberg

The key risk for investors in emerging-market stocks is not getting caught in a slump, but exiting the rally too early.

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Emerging Markets Shrug Off Crises For Best Gains in Eight Years

December 2017,  Bloomberg

2017 is set to go down as the year when easy monetary policy and budding global growth came together to deliver blockbuster returns for the world’s emerging markets.

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China’s ‘Hard Bones’ Reform-Drive Seen Leaving Expansion Intact

November 2017,  Bloomberg

China’s reform drive is winning plaudits from economists who are increasingly confident that excesses in the world’s second-largest economy can be tackled without derailing growth.

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You Haven’t Missed the Emerging-Market Party, Credit Suisse Says

August 2017,  Bloomberg

It’s not too late to ride the emerging-market equities bandwagon. From economic expansion to corporate earnings and capital expenditure, everything points to their overtaking developed peers through the middle of next year, according to Credit Suisse Group AG.

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Beyond Bollywood – five reasons to consider investing in India

July 2017, James Brown, Portfolio Manager

An intriguing reflection of traditions dating back thousands of years, India is now a unique insight into the influence of innovation on growth. One if its most famous economists, Lord Meghnad Desai believes India’s “export success” – its cinematic industry Bollywood – is “one of the few of India’s products, which is a global brand across Asia and Africa and increasingly Europe and America”1. However, India’s next chapter is now playing out in a vibrant new medium – economic growth on the back of a technology revolution. And it’s a story filled with Indian companies and consumers providing exciting opportunities for investors seeking long-term portfolio diversification.

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